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This little bit o’ blog is about my new Wine Log program that I bought from the iTunes store (with a lot of help from Eddie as I am a technology wimp) for my iPhone (another purchase from Eddie) to record information on wine.

Now I realize that if you don’t have this particular phone you may not care about this particular program, but with the way technology is headed your own cellular phone will probably be offering something better than this, or has already.

Think of it this way: You are at a friend’s house, a wine bar, or a wine event and you are not a wine writer so you don’t have a pad and pen handy to jot down notes about a wine you tried and liked. You can 1: Buy the wine right then if it’s available. Or 2: Commit the wine to a memory dulled by said wine.

One of the pitfalls, and there are many, is that if you don’t record what you liked, or didn’t like, you may remember the label anyway. So the next time you are at Bev Mo for the 5 cents sale you will dawdle over a choice as you simply can’t remember if the wine you are considering was the one you liked it or didn’t!

The program records the Varietal, Name, Winery, Region, Tasting Notes and takes a photo. I tell you the photo part is the best. Because if you have a memory like mine, the label is the part you normally do remember. So I record the wines I like, and the wine I surely don’t want to forget that I didn’t like!

I started with it about two weeks ago and have recorded about a dozen bottles. Friends can’t help but lean in and see why I am photographing a label, and then to give their opinion of the wine…and the phone. One more way to converse about wine and make memorable times more memorable.

Unrelated Plug/Post Script: I just got interrupted from writing this to answer my doorbell. The UPS man brought something addressed to Eve’s Wine 101!!! You know what that must be! Something I can take a picture of with my phone! The enclosed brochure suggested that “Because wine is among one of the most appreciated gifts, we’re happy to make available to you Grape Crusader’s offer for Holiday Wine Gifts.” I can tell you this – wine is the most appreciated gifts for wine writers and wine drinkers alike: Capiche?


  1. Mike says


    The iphone wine-app sounds great. I’m thinking some added functionality might be nice too.

    1. Sync all your wine notes to some app on your desktop computer?

    2. Sync all your wine notes to a facebook-line on-line wine club….ah, but this latter has all sorts of possibilities, no?



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