Cellar Cleanout

Yesterday was a day cold enough, 42 degrees, to keep our cellar door open for two hours. Why would we want to do that Wine 101ers may ask…out with the old and in with the new.

We had about 2 dozen bottles that had previously rested in a closet in our home office. Many from our memberships at Robert Mondavi, Nickel and Nickel, Pride, Joseph Phelps and a couple of coveted bottles of Phifer Pavitt “Date Night” Napa Cabernets.

We had to take out 24 bottles to make room for 24 newer vintages.

I put on gloves and a scarf to do the dirty work. My husband Eddie managed the computer program to adjust the changes. We always have a corkscrew and glasses handy and this was the first time we were out there long enough to drink while doing our duty. (See photo.)

With that hurdle over we moved the older 24 into our refrigerated storage unit, that replaced our trash compactor earlier this year, and some lesser valued ones to the ordinary non-temperature controlled rack in our dining room.

(We were left with a couple of bottles, given to us by non-wine people that know us to be wine people. A blog all on itself…but I always wonder why people do this to us. The only people I can re-gift these to are my mom and my sister. Both admit to knowing nothing and enjoying anything. Of course they only admit that about wine.)

Now, instead of helping Eddie make a ham soup, ham omelets or anything remotely to do with cleaning up the inside of our house from the recent holidays, I turned to my computer.

Eddie had loaded my new “Wine 101 Calendar” for me to track Santa Clarita events for myself, and my readers, as we sometimes have conflicts in our schedules. (I had a lot of fun adding events! Send me yours at ebushman@earthlink.net or comment on this blog below.) Having to choose from more than one great wine event a day is now easier…if you check MY site first! It’s the only one that solely features your wine events.

So that’s it for today: A clean cellar, a messy house and a new way to plan your wine event schedule. And you heard it here first.


  1. Eve Bushman says

    No, for you dear Bro O’ Mine, we pulled from our cellar a Padthaway Parson’s Flat Shiraz (65%)- Cabernet (35%) 2000 AD. You just have to come HERE to drink it. A little under $40 and scored 89 pts w/WS, 91 w/RP. But it’s suggested to drink by 2008 and we only have a few days left of 2008 so…cheers!

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