The Drunk Suit

Today’s blog title should only bring up one image and it’s staring right at you. The film, My Favorite Year, was narrated by an apprentice, so to speak, of the deranged, alcoholic character played to perfection by Peter O’Toole. I’ve always been uneasy with movies about drunks; a couple of comedies centered around men come to mind…who doesn’t remember Arthur?

I feel cheated. For one, there has never been a movie around a female drunk, unless you count Shirley MacLaine’s portrait of Debbie Reynolds in Postcards from the Edge. And for two, we didn’t get a chance to wear the drunk suit so splendidly ripped off O’Toole between sashaying.

So it’s nagging at me today. The second thing nagging at me today is a wine rep friend of mine, unhappy like the rest of the world suffering from recession-itis, has been pouring more wine at charity events and the like (for free) and not enough people are ordering the wines (for money) that they admit they really liked!

This is the time to support each other if we can! I’d feel guilty tearing off the female version of a drunk suit (a Mu Mu perhaps?) after drinking for free! Buy the wine people, forward a great blog, show your support and not your unsupported derrière!