The Young Wine

I am drinking while writing, like Stephen King’s early years: scary but with spell check!

Anyway, been contemplating the new “youth factor” of my Facebook Eve’s Wine 101 group that grows by over a dozen new members a day. They’re young. And extremely attractive. Drive motorcycles. Into beer and wine. Former bartenders. And for some reason, a lot of Realtors and leasers, toe ring bling and bikini designers…

Got me to thinking of what wine I had when I was young. Go back with me for a minute if you are an old friend…or a new one.

We had Reunite on ice because it’s nice. The only reason to ice a wine is to make it taste better. Beware of all labels that read. “Serve well chilled”. It’s a rouse, not a Champagne.
We also were blessed with Boone’s Farm fruit flavored strawberry wine. Mateus’s big squat green bottle. Boxed wine was a new concept in convenience. Manishevitz because somebody had a bar mizpah ten years earlier. Where a Carlo Rossi Burgundy was a blend, not a wine from Burgundy, France. Think on that…and how 2 buck chuck would have been a welcome respite.

Now, if you’re just starting out with wine…or 5-15 years into it…your choices are way cooler than ours ever were. You have Trader Joe’s, Costco, World Market and the friggin’ recession bringing down prices so that everyone can drink for less at the best things we never had: wine bars.

But, more importantly, your young palates are much more educated that ours were. Why? Because your forefathers (me and my friends) have demanded it!
So, what’s your wine story?


  1. Chad says

    The fact that you didn’t name TJ Swan’s Easy Nights is a testament that you never got stuck in a jacuzzi with ME! ;)

    They still sell Reunite Lambrusco….

  2. Eve Bushman says

    I may need to spend a little more time on this subject–so much interest in our old/crappy/cheap wines! I love it!

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