Wine Cloud and… the LA Wine Fest!

In perusing my fellow blogger’s sites, I found an interesting post from Jeff on SCV Talk. He had done some sleuthing to learn how to do this kind of picture above. The program pulls words from a blog, or any grouping of words, and makes the ones used more frequently larger.

Here you go eve! Jeff

What an empirical sensation! French and Italian are about the same size, meaning you give attention to both. The word “Time” is prominent on your’s, and indeed, that is one of the most important ingredients in wine right?

Making the word “Time” prominent made me think I am subconsciously influenced by Orson Welles who coined that stupid phrase, “I will drink no wine before it’s time”. When I first heard it I thought it sounded pompous. But, then again, I was probably drinking Franzia wine out of a box so Orson certainly knew more than I did.

I didn’t know that I wrote so much about French and Italian wines! Wait until I write about our trip to Italy this summer. Lets at least see if I can get Italy bigger than the words Steven and Chris. (Who are they?)

Then I found myself looking harder at the cloud too. Why is the word LOW so big? Do I write about low prices? But price isn’t up there. Low is about the same size as time, but bigger than food, world, good and library.

Feel free to chime in here Dear Wine Friends. Like an Rorschach test, I’m not getting what might be right in front of me. But in the meantime it’s damn cute to look at and makes me thirsty (find the word if you can above) for more.

Update on the BIG WORDS:

I attended the SCV Vintners and Growers Association blind Zinfandel tasting this past Saturday night. STEVE will be writing up the report (for this blog) and only one of the two CHRIS’s was there…but we tasted 18 different Zins and none of them was a LIBRARY wine.

We didn’t have any FOOD (too busy) at LA Wine Fest yesterday but my goodie bag is full of these highlights:

SanTasti, the palate cleansing beverage, Victor Abascal from Vines on the Marycrest and many other Paso Robles wineries, Dean Berger of Pacific Edge Wine & Spirits poured us a great gluten-free Vikingfjord potato vodka martini, checked out Dr Patrick Farrell’s BevWizard Spirits (and wine) Smoother that aerates with magnets, Vignette’s wine country soda made with all wine grapes and no alcohol, the perfectly nuanced 4 seasons of Nama Boutique Sake, Hall from Napa has a new winemaker, Warburton Family Farms Vineyard and Winery headquartered in Manhattan Beach by Gary and Terry Warburton charmed us, and awesome wines from newcomer Guy Riedel (no relation, Guy is a New Jersey boy).

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