I know. I’ve been back for 2 days and you winos are driving me crazy with questions about the 18 days I spent frolicking in the Wine Mother Load of Italy. Read my brother’s story on Aperol Spritzers a couple posts down for a good start. He summed it up very well but here you can see Eddie enjoying a very orange flavored, and colored, drink served with ice, fruit and, for shame, in a wine glass at wine bars. (The photo above is from VinoVino in Venice. I have many photos and have been uploading them as fast as I can. Check the left side of this blog for more.)

Other highlights besides the Spritzer, which became a common pre-siesta drink due to the heat, included every local wine we could find.

In Ferarra, at the oldest wine bar in the world, Enoteca Al Brindisi, we were served Vinavecchia. (Which our server spelled out for me, said meant old grapes, but I found nothing on the Internet to confirm this.) The wine was made from the Fortana grape and, later, we sampled their local Merlot. I had a second glass of the Fortana and, even though I noted the bottle “8 Burson Randi”, the server told me I’d never find it again. (Readers: Feel free help here it was that good!) My receipt showed we had a total of 6 glasses, paying 3 Euros for each. The best deal in Italy was definitely going to be the wine.

In Rome, we were tempted by the half dozen bottles of Champagne in ice buckets at Vudabar, but had to get to the Colosseum before the Obama visit shut it all down. We did enjoy the same bottle of Shiraz, at two different places, and as that was the first time that had happened…we can only hope it happens if/when you go as we didn’t write down the name!

We had a great Nebbiolo, and this one I did write down: 2006 Langhe “Regret” that another blogger reviewed and has a photo of: http://cinciwine.blogspot.com/2005_12_01_archive.html

At Enotrev, you guessed it, by the Trevi Fountain in Rome, we were treated to many tastes that, at press time, I am waiting for their rep to confirm. (http://www.vinovip.com/uk/index.html) We had a coffee and cream flavored Grappa, Limoncello and then a series of cream-based liquors that ranged from Pistachio (I liked) to strawberry (Ed’s fave).

As you people are used to reading short posts on this blog I will quit for now…those of you die-hards that want more will just have to read the full story that will run next Friday in the West Ranch Beacon blog! Ciao!

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