A Sake Fest? You ever heard of that?

Sake Fest…An Exclusive Wine House Event!!!

Sake Fest
An Exclusive
Wine House Event
Sunday, October 4th 2009
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Only $45.00 Per Person
Upstairs 2
2311 Cotner Aveenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Sign up early…this event will to sell out!
(For Reservations, call The Wine House at

310-479-3731 ext.0)

This unique and special event has only been available to the trade in the past. Out of the 17 breweries attending, several will actually have the head brewer or assistant brewer in attendance. Upstairs 2 Catering will provide passed hors d’oeurves throughout the afternoon. Riedel glassware will be provided. Special savings will be available on most of the sake poured. Order forms will be available, and you will be able
to pick up your order at your leisure once fulfilled.

List of breweries that will be attending:

Hakkai Brewery Eikoh Sake Brewery Iinuma Honke
Yamatogawa Sake Brewery Zuiyo, Kikusui Sake Komachi Shuzo
Takasago Sake Brewery Tamano Hikari Sake Breweing Uchigasakai Sake Brewing
Asahi Shuzo Imada Sake Breweing Kaetsu Sake Brewery
Kamotsuru Shuzo Katoukichibee Shouten Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewing
Takara Sake

Only $45.00 Per Person
Call The Wine House
310-479-3731, Ext. 0 (Order Desk)
We will only accept reservations by phone
(no Email)
Cancellations must be 72 hours prior
to event for transfer or refund.

Wine House
2311 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1877
Phone: 800-626-9463 x260
Email: wine@winehouse.com

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