"Wine and Swine"

(Not my idea of a blog post title…blame Double R for this one.)

After being off my blog, books, WINE BARS, food, WINE, church, friends, parties, SCOTCH, work, exercise, marital duties (well there was that one nap) MARTINIS and food for at least a week due to H1N1 I now have to contemplate: What will be my first drink and what will I pair it with?

Owing respect to the pig that pulled me into this dirty trough…he shall get his due. So will I roast him? Barbecue him? Or lay him down, wrinkled and bare, next to a side of scrambled chicks? And, more importantly, what will I drown him with?

I refer to the best book of all time, thank you Jeff Jacobson (wine chair of the annual SCV Wine Classic) for telling me about it years ago, WHAT to DRINK with WHAT you EAT THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO PAIRING FOOD WITH WINE, BEER, SPIRITS, COFFEE, TEA – EVEN WATER – BASED ON EXPERT ADVICE FROM AMERICA’S BEST SOMMELIERS by ANDREW DORNENBURG and KAREN PAGE, JAMES BEARD AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS OF Becoming a Chef AND Culinary Artistry (This mix of CAPITAL LETTERS and italics is how the cover looks – and I don’t think it’s the perfect pairing!)

The book is divided in two sections: First is alphabetical by food; second is alphabetical by drink. Actually there are 8 chapters in all but it still is encapsulated in the two ideas. So, like my pal Jeff, I use it as a handy reference book when my husband (of course) is cooking or someone asks me for advice on a pairing I’m not familiar with.

Under the guise of unsuspecting “Pork” alone I found: Beaujolais, Beer (noted was Oktoberfest beer! Yes!) Champagne, Chardonnay, cocktails made with Brandy, orange-flavored drinks, Gewurztraminer, Ginger Ale, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sake, Shiraz, Tempranillo, Viognier and Zinfandel.

Now if I preferred my Pork grilled or roasted: Beer, Merlot, Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio, Riesling or Zinfandel. Cream or Mustard sauces: Chardonnay. Spice rubbed: Gewurztraminer. Pork rinds: Beer, Sherry or Sparkling wine.

So, that leaves me to pick the exact wine. Since I like Zins I would have to have my pork grilled up with…any of these make my list:

Michael Perlis’s Turley (I’ve been sick! The guilt alone will make him hand one over!)
Cosentino Cigar Zin is a favorite as I’ve had the additional benefit of enjoying it with Mitch Cosentino.
Bogle, Bonny Doon and Rosenblum are inexpensive and consistently drinkable as are:
Hitching Post

So, I’m almost ready. Only one thing I’m missing…I have to shower, get dressed, go to the market and get my swine home. Still too tired…in recovery mode…so shall suffice with the wine alone! See, I’m a professional. I will make sure I can consume a lot of Zin before committing myself to a little swine.

And besides, Eddie isn’t home to cook it for me…yet.

4 thoughts on “"Wine and Swine"

  1. Calling me out on the Turley, huh? What time should I bring one over? [Seriously, send me an email or call me, but bear in mind I still have this cough.]

    Although I know for a fact this isn't your first post-flu drink!

    I like your other Zin picks, although I think Bonny Doon sold off their lower end labels. Also, I didn't know Hitching Post made a Zin. I guess I have more to learn.


  2. They did, back in 1995, but I think I was thinking of their Pinot Noir! Thanks Michael! Wine 101 = room for learning!

  3. When I saw the title, I thought you were writing about an actual event, not just a revenge dinner! As an alternative to Turley Old Vines Zin, there's always Brochelle (also Paso Robles), and if you're feeling adventurous but frugal, there's a lovely Fleur Bleu Zinfandel from WineShop – which I would be happy to bring to you! Cheers!

  4. I can't believe you actually used this one! I feel half bad, but not entirely. Thanks for the book recommendation. I might still prefer to bug you. It's more fun!

    This does remind me that I owe you a guest post with a martini recipe. I'll write it tonight! xo – Carrie

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