Sunset in the Vineyards: A Story in Pictures

Les Deux Chats has been making wine for 12 years, and next year will go commercial! I drank up their Roussane, Viognier, Syrah and Zinfandel. Chris and Patty Connolly kept the crowd busy as the first table guests were greeted by.
Homemade cheese (above), not for purchase, handcrafted by Corry and Carol deRobertis (below). The “Goat Boy” label was their son’s idea and new for our event!
The Pulchella men – Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper – in the table behind the deRobertis’s, were serving a full flight of their Paso wines. You can become a member of Pulchella and get their wines delivered in Santa Clarita. Look for an update from Steve in a post earlier this week that offers a 20% discount when you use the code “Sunset” at check out!
Danny Mascari makes his wines from grapes in “Bouquet Canyon” and aptly named his wine the same. Seen here with his wife and parents I always get a kick how alike they look. And, the wine was fine too!

Other wines I hadn’t written about before this included a fruit bomb aptly called Screaming People, Soaring Hawk made both a very fresh beer and wines, and 4 Joes gave me a taste of their unique Baja grown Tempranillo. My glass runneth over…

I enjoyed meeting Facebook and Assistance League friends I hadn’t met before. Loved that my Sue Tatosian handmade wine glass holder, boldly emblazoned with an “Eve’s Wine 101″ logo, got a lot of attention. My editor at the West Ranch Beacon, Dave Bossert and my husband, Eddie, only whispered about my shortfalls. Jeff Jacobson, wine chair for the SCV Wine Classic told me to hold the end of August, when school gets back in session, for the 2010 Classic. Judy Penman, former Woman of the Year and now working with Circle of Hope, asked me to announce their next fundraiser at Vino 100 on December 13 from 1-4pm. Chris Carpenter let me into his cellar for about a nanosecond. Margo thought my attire just right.

I didn’t spill wine on lovely ladies Jeannie Carpenter, Darlene Gandara, Jackie Hamby, Gloria Regan, Julie Coennen, Leah Granen, Marlee Lauffer, Cheryl Gray, Elizabeth Teagle, Jo Ann Vindigni, Bobbi Welton, Chris Tanner, Susie Clarke, Michele Buttleman, Tamara Brown, Cheryl Phillips, Terry Bucknall, Jane Bettencourt-Soto, Marjanne Priest, Betsy Linn, Vanessa Wilk, Shelly Hann, Joan Jacobson, Jill Fariss or Jo Grant. If your name isn’t listed here it’s only because I’m a blond and spent more time drinking than taking notes and names! (Or, if you’re a man, you were left fending for yourself…)

If you want the full story on what was poured – and the talented winemakers – see

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