Airport or Airplane Wine Experience: Eve asks Good or all Bad?

In looking at ideas for blog posts, and never running short when I have built in Facebook subjects to query…this time I asked friends on my “global” wine 101 fan page their thoughts on “traveling the airports with wine”:

Marki: If you have some time to spare at the Dallas Airport, take the tram to Terminal A and do some sipping at the 9 seat wine bar and retail shop from La Bodega Winery. It’s a great way to relax and watch the world pass by. Connie is wonderful behind the bar and makes the experience one that needs repeating. The vino—-the vibe — the party spirit is something that made me want to come back to the Dallas Airport soon.

Mariah: Yes! It was 1997. Flight to Turkey. Alitalia served red wine with breakfast. That one act broke down my American bred idea that wine is something to be reserved only for certain occasions. After that trip – all those taboos went into the loo…..

Ken: If it is red or white, has some percentage of alcohol, can be bought at a reasonable price, it is all good. I do fondly remember free champagne on Western Airlines.

Eve: Many moons ago, when airlines still had smoking sections, I got stuck in one coming home from France. Even the smokers wanted the non-smoking section. I found myself hovering between both sections, gabbing with the smokers, and the flight attendants, while being rewarded with all the French wine I could manage. I was too young to know what a headache drinking so much on a plane could do…and to this day, it’s the wine, and not the headache or smokers, that remains forefront.

From that same trip, good friends drove us to the airport for the outgoing flight. Again, too young to think it a bad idea to drink and fly, we cozied up in one of the nice airport bars and proceeded to drink our anxiety, about our first long-distance flight, away.

We didn’t linger over wine that time. Or even thought of a martini back in our youth. Back then it was all about Long Island Iced Teas for the men and Myers dark rum and orange juice for the ladies.

There had to have been a headache, good thing that good friends and a good trip is still forefront in my mind. Hope it is for you too!


  1. Goddess of Wine says

    Back in the 70's, when I was living in PA, I came back to LA to see family. I don't remember the airline, but the fellow sitting next to me was nursing a cold – with whiskey – and kept buying me glasses of wine. By the time we reached LAX, I was SO drunk! Getting off the plane, I hugged my parents and said, "Just take me home and put me to bed!" It was a great flight!

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