Your Trader Joe’s Shopping List: A Trio of Bargains looking for more!

I can’t recall which Santa Ema I liked when I found this photo. I believe TJ’s carries a reserve Cab that’s pretty tasty. Usually available. Less than $10.
This Cotes Du Rhone was suggested by a TJ employee years ago. (They do tastings for employees only but boy-oh-boy would I love an invite!) You will impress people that haven’t had this lighter red varietal, with a pretty peach-colored label and smaller shaped bottle that newbies will like. Sometimes hard to find, buy more than one bottle if you can. Hovers around $5.
Black Mountain Fat Cat is consistently drinkable and available at TJ’s every time. They make wines in several varietals though I only really like the Cab.

So that’s my TJ round up. There are others I like but I couldn’t find photos of. A Spanish Rioja in gold netting, Black Opal Chard from Australia, Montes Malbec from Argentina…

If you have some recommendations, with photos, please send them to me and I will amend this little piece:


  1. Goddess of Wine says

    If you *must* buy wine at TJ's, I highly recommend both the Malbec and Merlot from La Boca (Argentina). $2.99/bottle – Delicious!

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