Banzai Beverage Launches in LA Market

You may remember the full post I wrote about Valencia Wine Company’s Holiday Wine Event in the West Ranch Beacon last month. (

I was very impressed with the dozen cold Sake’s introduced for the first time in Santa Clarita at a wine tasting event. I found the company on Facebook and asked for more information for my wine 101 readers:

Banzai Beverage sakes can now be found in the finest wine shops and restaurants in Los Angeles. The newest trend in beverages currently sweeping through New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami has finally hit our town and gathering fans like Paris Hilton, Vivica Fox and Adam Corolla along the way.

Banzai Beverage has emerged as the unsurpassed importer of specialty and craft brewed sake. The company was founded in 2003 by Takahiro Tokura, with the vision of introducing the finest Japanese sake into the American mainstream market. His goal is to bring the absolute best to the US that until now had not been available. Banzai Beverage exclusively imports hand crafted sake from small family owned microbreweries that would have otherwise never considered their products for export. Many of these breweries are centuries old and have remained in the same family for ten to 12 generations.

Mr. Tokura travels throughout Japan constantly to personally select premium sake that has the flavor, aroma and texture to compete with the world’s best wines. For this reason, it is an injustice to our premium sake to be confined only to the typical sushi bar. This is why our sake is currently enjoyed without these conventional boundaries and paired with anything from traditional American steaks to contemporary French cuisine.

It is our unique vision that keeps Banzai Beverage at the forefront of the new sake drinking generation.

Banzai Beverage Company
22750 Hawthorne Blvd. Ste 212
Torrance, CA 90505
Phone (310) 373-8504
Fax (310) 373-8507

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