Pour Into Haiti Challenges ALL locals

All Corked Up Wine, with volunteers from our local SCV Vintner’s and Grower’s Association, has announced a fundraising event on Thursday January 21 from 6-8pm to help the children of Haiti rebuild their lives after this week’s 7.0 earthquake.

“Our customers have been talking about the devastation in Haiti and wondering what to do to help,” began All Corked Up owner David Schutz. “When Roman Weiser, a local winemaker, was in he asked me to hold a fundraiser as soon as possible. I thought, yes, what a fantastic idea. I want to challenge not just our customers, but our entire community to attend and to bring their friends.”

The cost of $15 per guest, that includes wine and live music, will go to 3 Angels Children’s Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of orphaned children in Petionville, Haiti. “

There’s not enough money coming in yet from various places to provide adequate relief,” began Shannon Hoffman, local SCV volunteer for 3 Angels. “With limited information we do know that all children at our orphanage, school and clinic are safe and accounted for. Now we have to rebuild the broken lives of many more.”

All Corked Up is located at 26340 Diamond Place, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. http://www.allcorkedup.com/ More information on the latest needs for 3 Angels: http://www.threeangelsrelief.org


Dear friends, family and supporters of 3 Angels -

Thank you for your encouraging words and financial help as we prepare to effectively deal with a crisis nobody could imagine.

The plan right now is to send an exploratory / first response team into Haiti this Friday. This team will be our eyes and ears and will provide the first real reports on what we are facing at Three Angels. We have had absolutely no communication with our people in Haiti as of this evening.
• Dr. Jack Nonweiler will be heading down to provide medical attention and determine what other medical issues are primary.
• A structural engineer, Chris Stockwell, will join him and inspect our structures to make sure they are sound and secure so the children can return to the property. He will also determine priorities for rebuilding our exterior walls, prioritizing repairs and securing the property.
• Gretchen Huijskens, our founder, will be coming down to help care for the children. Her contacts and experience in country will be invaluable.
• Kevin Boone, an adoptive parent will also be joining the team to help in all areas, rebuild structures, assist the children and direct relief efforts.
As anyone can see from the pictures and news reports, it will take an enormous amount of effort to begin to heal this country. Right now, we are focusing on our neighborhood, our friends, our family at Three Angels. Please help us.

Our biggest need right now is financial. We will need some extraordinary resources and every dollar will help. Thank you to those who have donated already. We are asking you to spread the word on behalf of those being helped by Three Angels.

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