Eve’s Random Musings: Small World, Mini Fridge Danger, and Where to go TONIGHT

Last Friday night Eddie and I found ourselves with a free hour, 5:37 pm to be exact, and went to our corner bar.  Lucky for us our corner bar looks (and is) this.

When I ordered my usual Rob Roy (A blended Scotch martini with a little sweet Vermouth) I noticed the woman next to me was putting ice in her white wine.  I commented that she might be better off with getting a White Wine Spritzer for a better taste.  She told me that she iced her wine to dilute it as she as the designated driver.  It’s the first time in my life that I let that idea just slide.  Seemed she knew what she was doing just fine.

We talked more.

She lived in Circle J Ranch, a community much like my own Happy Valley, that most locals don’t know about and both within a 5 minute drive from The Social.  She used to live in Sand Canyon but sold that house to a small family with a very recognizable name.  (By the time this blog post runs I will have seen the house myself at a party on Sunday.)  Then come to find out that her step daughter lives in Happy Valley – across the street from me for the past 10 years. I told her to make sure she asked her daughter about the wine and single malt Scotch tasting parties they’d come to my place for.

While I sat at my fave bar, flabbergasted at the small SCV world we live in, she and her husband had bought us, and the couple on the other side of them, a round of drinks.  I gave her my card…and I hope she’s reading this.

While I was completely entertained by my new pals, there was some drama behind the bar.  Our bartender got nailed…in the place men are known for doing the nailing…by the door of one of these liquor/wine coolers.   Buckled over, out of breath, and more than a bit surprised, he was able to complete our drink order and, his shift for the night.  So, like a Toyota recall, this is just a public service announcement for all my pals that work around these things.  Don’t accept anyone’s help opening or closing the door for you.  Even if said helper owns the place…

Lastly, as a parting gift, I give you not only the address to my neighborhood bar, but a wee bit o’ flyer about a fundraiser being held there tonight.  Let’s see how large we can make our world by supporting The Social, our SCV Senior Center and a couple of hot shot dancers.

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