Eve asks: What are you challenged by with wine

One of my random Tweets asked a question: Writing a full blog post on one wine? Yep, that’s my challenge today, what are you challenged by with wine?

Mark: Sometimes the words flow, and other days I just sit in front of the PC for an hour, and literally, nothing. So it’s more a case of the muse descending 🙂

Diane: My challenge – finding wines I like in the price point I want to afford (note, I said “want” rather than “can,” two very differing notions)

Susie: My current wine challenge is to find a good wine inventory program that I can access when away from home.  Any of you experts know of a good one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Beverly: Getting a new address book to put in all my wineries that I want to visit from Temecula to Napa/Sonoma. I just joined GlenLyon wine club and am drinking a glass of their 2008 Chardonnay. Then today I ordered some wine from Cartlidge & Browne Winery (found by Hoot n’ Annie blog/video) that shipment will be shipped this Monday so here I am unemployed and ordering all this wine, go figure.

Dana: Finding enough time to drink all the wines I love!  Cheers!

Cathy: Deciding which bottle to pull from the cellar – so many great choices so little days in the week in which to indulge!

Wine 101ers aren’t consumed with buying Bordeaux futures or passing the next sommelier exam.  But what wine drinkers are really challenged by is interesting.  And my solution to it all?  Find a friend to open that bottle with, and we can find the solutions together!

2 thoughts on “Eve asks: What are you challenged by with wine

  1. Challenged? no.I love finding wines(reds)under $9 that excite my palate. It's a question of taste and budget.
    Eve to wear more form fitting black dresses handling various wines…how's that for a challenge?

  2. Oh, that Michael! I was freaking thinking my brother or staffer Perlis wrote this!

    All Corked Up is having a sale, World Market, Trader Joe's, Bev Mo…

    Thanks for reading and commenting Mike!

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