Gary Warburton, Chateau Pacific Winery, gives us Sea Grapes

I love Gary Warburton.  I loved learning to bottle from his Manhattan Beach winery almost as much as I enjoyed sitting down with his “workers” afterwards for an incredible meal. Are all winemakers great chefs?  Well, Garys just returned from the BVI, and this is the second installment of his travels that he agreed to tease our readers with.  My only question is, how do you think wine made from Sea Grapes taste?  Do normal descriptors apply or is it just, “salt of the earth”?

Hi Eve,

Just to prove that we (us crazy winemakers) can make wine anywhere in the world here is fruit production and final product produced from the Sea Grape on Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  I’ll bring back a bottle in August for sampling at our next meeting.

This is the vine that grows like a weed all over the islands. Most people use it for shade and to secure footings where sand is a building problem.

As a securing adjunct to the Bomba Shack Bar:
As decorative addition:
Close up of “grape bush”:
Carrot Bay winery  (Clem”s Bar). Clem is the last of the steel pan players on Tortola as well as a bar owner and enologist.
Poetry in the bottle:

Carrot Bay

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