Colorado Wine Company: A Donkey and a Goat Walk Into a Bar, We Heart Beer, I’m Soooo Burnt Out on Kekfrankos

(How do I explain why I might run a wine bar’s newsletter?  And a wine bar that’s not in my neighborhood?  Well, these people write some hi-larious news.  They’ve also been highlighted on our “Top O’The Blog” photo section more than once – do you remember the Star Wars bottle toppers or the painful wine glass?  Anyhoo, in going “full time on wine” I’m planning a road trip to meet John and Jen in nearby Pasadena.  Just have to decide if it will be for one of their events or, just a surprise launch…)
A Donkey and a Goat Walk Into a Bar, We Heart Beer, I’m Soooo Burnt Out on Kekfrankos

Donkey and Goat Isabel’s Cuvee Grenache Rose 2009, Mendocino, California – $15.99/btl
     Co-Owner of Donkey & Goat, Tracey Brandt, came to our bar a couple weeks ago and explained how she and her husband left the high-tech world and invested everything they had into opening a winery.  We hit it off pretty quickly since Jennifer and I did something very similiar six years ago.  We both had very similar war stories about how to stay married while tackling a stressful, time-sucking small business.  From how to divvy up responsibilities to how divvying up responsiblities is really just a ruse because you both end up doing everything anyway.  And that led Tracey to explain how they named their winery.  Donkeys are trained in French vineyards to control weeds, while goats are brought in to keep the donkeys calm.  And that about sums it up….. one half of the couple works themselves into a stressed-out stupor and the other calms them down….then you switch roles.  Thank God there’s wine at the end of every day.
     And now, onto this gorgeous, sustainably farmed and unfiltered Grenache rose.  A wine Tracey describes as “financially irresponsible”.  CLICK HERE to read on…
Our beer list is expanding by the week.  All our selections are kept chilled so there is the shortest possible time between you putting your mitts on the bottle and the beer getting to your tummy.  Here’s the current list..

Achouffe Blonde – $11.25
Achouffe McChouffe Brown – $11.25
Alesmith Grand Cru – $11.50
Alesmith Speedway Stout – $11.50
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye – $4.50
Bear Republic Racer 5 – $4.50
Bear Republic Brown Tribute Ale – $4.50
Bellhaven Scottish Ale – $4.75
Bruery Orchard White Ale – $8.00
St. Bernardus Tripel – $11.00
Dupont Moinette Blonde – $10.50
Dupont Moinette Brune – $10.50
Saison Dupont 330ml – $4.75
Dupont Foret Organic – $10.50
Hopf Dunkel Weisse – $5.00
Ommegang Hennepin – $8.00
Russian River Damnation – 330ml – $5.00
Russian River Consecration – $22.00
Schonramer Pilsner – $4.75
Stone Brewing Ruination IPA – $5.75
Unibroue Blanche de Chambly – $2.50

Coming Soon…
Schonramer Saphir Bock (due in: early May – CoWineCo will be the only retailer in the U.S.A. to have this beer)
Ryujin Shuzo Ozen Yukidoke IPA, Japan (due in: late April)
Eastern European Wine Tasting w/ Blue Danube Wine Company
Thursday, April 22nd
7 – 9 pm
5 wines + artisanal cheeses from Auntie Em’s
RSVP to or (323) 478-1985
Sure, you know Grenache, Malbec, Mourvedre and Cabernet Franc, but ever had Posip?  Pinela? Plavac Mali? Kekfrancos?  Well, now’s your chance to taste great wine from Eastern Europe AND gather new exotic sounding grape names to throw around at parties.
In addition to having a dignified name, Stetson Robbins of Blue Danube Wine Company can actually pronounce all of these wine regions and varietals.  He will be our able guide tonight, educating us about all things Eastern European and alcohol-y.
Gue Rila Pinela 2007, Vipava Valley, Slovenia
Toreta Posip 2007, Korcula Island, Croatia
Pfneiszl Kekfrankos 2007, Sopron, Hungary
Attila Gere Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Villany, Hungary
Dingac Vinarija Dingac 2005, Potomje Pelijesac, Croatia
 In May, we are forming a tasting of all whites from Alto Adige and Friuli in Italy, pretty much our favorite places in the world for white wine.
Also coming soon, ROSE!   Yes, we are amassing a rose arsenal for our annual pink tasting….details coming soon…

Donkey and Goat El Dorado Roussanne 2008
Donkey and Goat Grenache Gris Rose 2009 – $15.99/btl
Donkey and Goat El Dorado Syrah 2008 – $19.99/btl
Kongsgaard Napa Valley Chardonnay 2007 – $74.99/btl
Justin Isosceles 2007, Paso Robles, California – $54.99/btl
Orin Swift Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 – $75.99/btl (only 2btls left)
Vina Valoria Cosecha Rioja 2008, Spain – $13.99/btl
Chateau La Bouscade Minervois 2005, Languedoc, France – $14.99/btl
Russian River Consecration – $22.00/750ml btl — (refermented in the btl like Champagne, aged 6 months in Cab Sauv barrels w/ Currants — Sour style and ageable)
Every Saturday
Wines by the glass from 1 – 11pm
 Every Tuesday
Wines by the glass from 4 – 9pm
 Wine Cellar Wednesdays
Every Wednesday from 4 – 11pm
$0 corkage fee on every bottle in the store!
Every Thursday
Wines by the glass from 4 – 11pm
The Poll Booth – Beer Me
     In the last poll we learned that half of you would like to see ‘bacon wine’ in the near future, while 20% of you anticipate reading food blogs about other food blogs.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about my 2nd favorite subject…  Our beer list is growing like kudzu and we’d like to guide this out of control animal in the right direction.  When you’re craving beer, what do you crave?  Schlitz?  Arrogant Bastard?  Bud Ice?  CLICK HERE to vote in our new poll.
See You Soon,
John and Jen
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