Do we all deserve the good stuff?

I wrote this post on tax day.  Arrgh matey.  Whether you paid all year, paid again on this day, or dared to lie, no one likes the annual accounting.

Laments on Facebook ranged from the “long post office lines” to the “I need a million bucks and some great wine”.  The latter received this in response:

Bottles of wine you can’t afford to uncork.

I read the article, was dazed by some of the photos and captions of wine I’ll never afford to drink, or frankly even see, in real life.  Although one, Screaming Eagle at $80,000 friggin dollars, might be in a cellar nearby…

But the idea gave me pause.  In the current economy prices on wines, though assumedly not on these uncorkables, have come down.   Possibly making the hands off prohibitive pricing, at least on wines that we might’ve considered too expensive, now something to consider.

And I don’t really like the idea of telling people that there are things in this world that one can never have. It sets us up to lower our standards, admit defeat and think we are drinking cheaply when we are not.

I don’t mind aging my wine that requires it.  But I would never buy a bottle meant to lay down forever.  I don’t see the point.  So, this is another way of seeing this.  Not a problem.  Not feeling teased by this.  Irritated at the reminder of wines I can’t have/see/touch/smell with all of my senses?  Yes.  But, keeping all my senses/cents to myself?  And even louder Y-E-S!

Are you drawn to wines you can’t afford to drink?

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