The Cast, in order of Appearance or Memory:

Cannot…move…my…feet.  But not going to slow my fingers down in thanking those that came last night to support my Unitarian Universalist church in our yearly “Eve is your Wine Wench” event:

Jeff Prange, Julie Mino, Kimberly Freilich, John and Susan Cooper, Robert and Darlene Gandara, Julie Jones, Jeannie Carpenter, Lucy Bates, Eddie Bushman, Bill and Maureen Farrar, Denise Lowe and John Dickey, Larry Mazzeo, Vic Herstein, John Adams and Sandi Gordon, Guy LeLarge, Shipwreck Bob Schwemmer, Michael and Karen Perlis, Dave Bossert, Gerri Brehm, The Cooks, Larry McClements, Paul De La Cerda, Andrea Pohlot, Jeff Shapiro, Kim Rosen, Erin Hernandez, Linda Woolf, Dana Chernault, Rich and Pam Jaffke, Deana Perozzi, Russ Stacy, Carol Winkler, Kirby Peterson, Elizabeth Teagle and Marlee Lauffer.

I really enjoyed being your sommelier – especially when I’d open your bottles, pour you a taste, then ask….”So what are your thoughts on sommeliers that pour a taste of your wine for themselves?” as I made a show of putting my wine glass next to yours.  Jeff Prange, wine educator at Valencia Wine Company, told me that my antics reminded him of the Oliver movie scene where he begs, with outstretched bowl, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

I also enjoyed getting my dinner in via your unsuspecting/unwatched plates.  A little panini, some nuts, a chip, salami, even the rind of your cheese plate went by way of my sneaky fingers.

For those of you just checking in: This is never how the classy Valencia Wine Company is run.  They let me do this for charity once a year because….?  They like me?  They really like me?  Your guess is as good as mine! 

4 thoughts on “The Cast, in order of Appearance or Memory:

  1. Had a great time last night. Happy to know you liked the photo well enough to steal it from my Facebook page!



  2. Nobody else is up this early Goddess! Waiting for Erin to upload some but your's is perfect! Got any more for me to steal?

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