Eddie takes Nawlins, or, the reverse?

My Chef/Chief was away for the last two weeks.  We met him in Boston for part of his business trip, came home when he had to continue to New Orleans.

He teased me sending pics of the fish fry, Bourbon Street and the black pearl he said he found.  The final pic, a blurry shot indeed, I thought pretty much summed up his evening.  Because, even though I didn’t get any photos of the cocktails consumed, I have no doubt whatsoever that they were consumed.  Not only by Eddie but by whoever he handed his camera too.

Glad he made it home safely!

(If you have a “story in pics” or just a story to tell, e-mail it to me so all can read it on this blog.  I promise not to comment.  Unless your story, like Ed’s, simply begs for it.  ebushman@earthlink.net)

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