Barry Lancy: Wine for Charity

Being able to sit down with friends and a glass of wine is never a bad thing. Drinking a glass or two with friends for charity, now that just has fun written all over it.

Light the night is a cancer walk charity, and they were a local host charity at the Keyes Lexus of Valencia Jazz and Blues Concert Series. Admission to the concerts are free, or you can spend ten dollars each for seats at a table.

Our foursome bought a table at the Friday night concert on Town Center Drive.  There are several benefits of having a table. You get a waitress, so you don’t have to fight the lines, and you can also order off of the Salt Creek Grill or Bj’s Brew house menu.

Dinner, wine, friends and Jazz, it was a good night. The concert series goes on throughout the summer, so try to catch a concert or two. The concerts start at 7pm and go till about 9pm.

Tip of the week: All of the wait staff at these events are volunteers, so be kind and tip well.

Barry Lancy is a sales rep for a book company and travels the central coast putting on Book Fairs for a company named “Books are Fun”. His wife Wendi runs a local food pantry named “Help the Children” in Santa Clarita. They are both also sales reps for a company named , which supplies healthy everyday home products. This year they will celebrate their 23rd year of marriage.