More Crazy Labels, and comments, sent in by Mindy B.

“Premium grapes grown in the cleavage of some of the most beautiful California hills are then handcrafted into an elegant complex wine that is full bodied yet vivacious” as the back label says, written over a photograph of the bare back of the lady pictured on the front label.  Owner Budge Brown and Cleavage Creek are dedicated to making exceptional wines and to fighting breast cancer.  10% of gross wine sales is donated to fund breast cancer research and support.

There’s a good reason the Merlot of Chile doesn’t taste like other Merlot. Many are not entirely Merlot, but instead a blend of Merlot and a far more exotic grape: Carmenère, a.k.a., The “Lost Grape of Bordeaux.” Carmenère root stock had been transplanted from France over a century ago before the particularly nasty root louse threatened its very existence. Soon forgotten, the Carmenère grapes grew freely with Merlot grapes and were assumed to be Merlot until, suddenly in 1994, viticulturist Jean-Michel Boursiquit revealed the mistake. Oops!

A French wine produced and distributed by a British-French partnership,FAT bastard is a fast growing brand, recently selling over 400,000cases per year in the United States alone. Business Week has called FATbastard a “marketing phenomenon”.

“Bitch”, the back label repeats it 77 times, followed by “some more”.
Jean-Marc Speziale, who owns a small restaurant in Aniane near Montpellier, was so fed up with the bad press that wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon were getting that he decided to hit back. So he started making his own batch of wine, and labelled them Vin de Merde, or Wine of Shit as they say in Ireland. Crap Wine! The wine label will be hard to miss if you ever see it on a shelf because there’s a big fat fly on it as if it were sitting on a pile of poo. Brilliant and funny publicity stunt. The wine, however, is supposedly not crappy at all. Would make a fun dinner party gift.  
The maker of ARROGANT calls himself The Humble Winemaker.
“All of our wines have been personally selected from family-run estates throughout France, with whom we work in partnership to market their wines internationally under our label, Elephant on a Tightrope. The wines from these estates are produced in limited quantities, and are an exceptional value. Through our continued relationship with these estates, we are assured of wines of consistent quality from year to year.”  –Philippe Maffini, Cindy Bearce
This label belongs to Cheers Calais booze-cruise store. The fruity drinkable wine is a plonk, worth the few coins the wine costs. A bottle of Frog’s Piss, a white wine produced especially for the British by Boozers, goes for less than $1.50.  
This wine has taken a different approach in marketing by catering to women and has appropriately been named Mad Housewife Wine. Its tagline: “What’s domestic bliss without a little wine?”
The Blasted Church is a small estate winery located in Okanagan Falls in Canada.

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    You know if you partnered with a wine store that had all these in stock and could ship (to wine-challenged places like AZ), that would be most awesome….



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    You have some of the right info about Cleavage Creek wines but you have the WRONG image. They put actual breast cancer survivors on their bottle labels.

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