Doug Gould Presents: The Second MURAL PAINTING and Wine Tasting

 Doug Gould, a name synonymous with wine in Santa Clarita, is doing “it” again.  On his wine meet-up group they arranged to have a mural painting party a few months ago.  They had the artist, the paint, and the sketch on Dave’s WALL.  (If you go to his meet-up page you can see how his wall was transformed, step by step.)  This is one of the most unique “pairings” that I’ve seen.  If you are free tomorrow night – go for it!

The new Santa Clarita Valley Wine Enthusiasts group is having anItalian Wine, Food and MURAL PAINTING adventure on September 11!

Participantsare asked to bring a bottle of Italian Wine and an Italian appetizer.(So, a couple would bring two bottles.) There will be a mural artistand for those who are willing they can be part of painting a TuscanyLandscape Mural. Don’t worry if you are not an artist, it is a blastbeing part of the adventure.

Wine lovers will be able to tasteand talk about great Italian Wine. Bring an appetizer of your choice,just go Italian. When you RSVP please tell what you think of when youthink of Tuscany, and I will have the artist add that into ourpre-mural sketch. He will then help us create a little Tuscany here inSCV. Salute! A presto.

(I am not tied to a rating system, butI do find that if everyone brings bottles with an 88 PT Rating orhigher from one of the main wine periodicals we don’t have a largedisparity in quality, Thanks.)

Get your invitation here: The site isat Then they look for “Santa Clarita Valley WineEnthusiasts” and just hit join.