Short Post on Something to Pair with Wine…(Look for this week’s You Tube Later Today!)

If you’re anything like me you live by Murphy’s Law, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  But, my 20 year+ tablecloths, with you-guessed-it, more wine stains than what should be humanly possible, weren’t what I could call broken.  Stained, torn and shabby – like a celebrity I can’t name or I’d be sued – were what made up my sad collection.

I have some very nice, and not-so-nice of course, dinner parties here!  I needed something, and finally decided to break down and consider the “pairing” that framed my wine was due for a change.

Ruler in hand (See German Rouladen recipe on this blog to see that, yes, the next thing I should find buy will be those yardsticks in a disc thingamajig.) I faced my dining room table.

Then I faced the Internet.  I didn’t want to go through all of this just to replace my one lace tablecloth that Susie spilled wine on the first day I used it.  I didn’t want to forget to find a gold one to match the gold design on my dining chair cushions.  And lastly, I didn’t want to go to more than one site to enter in my “sensitive data”.

I went to because…well…truth be told they had some cute boots I wanted from them too.  But, I did find what I was looking for and was oh-so-tickled when they arrived today!  I tore open the box on the front porch!

Here is the lace for $20:

You can go to their site if you want to see the detail better, but I had to take my own photo so that my sister-in-law could see that I do use the wine bottle candle holder she gave me.

The detail of this was outstanding!  I could almost picture the sweet bulbous-cheeked woman with her readers on working diligently away to crochet my order swiftly!  You can click here if you want the same one, or see it in all it’s professionally photographed splendor!

Next came the gold for $10:

I think this design is called damask.  I should have taken a photo of the chair cushions so you could see that the gold color not only matched, the design “paired” perfectly!

I couldn’t decide which tablecloth to use for tonight’s dinner, and of course, wine, so I decided to leave the lace over the gold, which made a very pretty statement.  (I’m braving a fish taco recipe so it will be white wine to “break” these in on.)  Here’s the link for my gold one.

What’s next to break…hmmm…