Chef 101 Humpday: Tri-Tip Salad Bagged

Eddie doesn’t eat leftovers.  I, on the other hand, raised by wolves, do.  Hence the dilemma: I am not going to toss a perfectly good tri-tip steak out the window to my dog.  Ridic.  

So, in an attempt to also get the family to eat their veggies, I scour the internet for a steak salad recipe.  I find this:

Tri-Tip Salad: Fresh greens, diced tomatoes, sweetcorn, cilantro, jicama, black beans, jack cheese, tortilla strips andslow-roasted marinated tri-tip tossed with our ranch dressing andtopped with our signature BBQ sauce…..$14.99     (1/2 size…..$11.99)  

Not a recipe at all, but the ingredients for a salad at The Rib Company chain restaurants.  But, your Chef 101er wasn’t daunted.  I bought everything I needed at the market and kind of winged it.

The jicama was the only new thing for me.  It’s hard potato-like shell I removed with my potato peeler.  Ed complained I hadn’t cut the pieces small enough in the salad, I ignored him, they were fine if you didn’t mind skewering one at a time.

I also opened a bottle of Joseph Phelps Syrah while I was winging it.  My family didn’t seem to have too much of a problem as I laid out the remaining cheese, dressing, beans and cilantro for them to dress at will.

I remembered, after I had cleaned the kitchen, that I needed a pic.  That’s why this one is “in the bag”.

Wonder how this is going to taste in 24 hours…doubtful I can push the family into eating it a third time though!

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