WSET Journey Continued…

(Eve is tracking her WSET education, hoping some more of you will come to class with her, and venting writing about the work she’s doing fun she’s having, at this point, studying ahead.  Class starts this Sunday 10/3 at The Cellar.  Get in the next session by e-mailing
Day Three:
Drive husband Eddie at little nuts by querying him on everywine we now drink.  Doesn’t matterif we’ve had it before, or if I’ve even reviewed it before, I’m looking for some ofthe descriptors that I’m now learning to look for.
Find a vegetal flavor, mushrooms and/or bell peppers, but Edcan’t agree or disagree.  I getslightly perturbed at this, thinking he’s just not paying attention, findinstead he doesn’t give a rat’s patooty.
Try my wine, try it again a few minutes later, try with themeal.  Realizing I need more studytime with the WSET handbook instead of the wine, find that it’s usually toolate to do this.  I’m tired, andI’ve been drinking.
Looking forward to setting up study groups asap.
Day Four:
Learn that half of the world’s population doesn’t drinkwine…religious, health, whatever reasons. Have renewed respect for them and the other part of me, my evil twin,thinks gee, if they just had a Pride Merlot that would change things.
Learned more about responsible drinking habits.  Told husband we are not to drink atleast one night a week, easy for him as he sometimes has a 24 hour shift(firefighter).  But that doesn’twork for me as when he has said 24-hour shift I plan shenanigans with galpals.  Thinking better plan WSETstudy club instead.
Day Five:
Plan study group to come over in less than a week.  Thought it fun to meet outside of classand get started.  Have grandioseidea that we’ll have yearly WSET reunions reminiscing about our “schooldays”.  Think my fantasy life istaking over my real life.
What in the heck is WSET? I asked DiMaggio: “Hello to allinterested in the WSET wine program. There are several internationally knowninstitutions providing serious wine course programs. The Court of Masters, theISG and the WSET (Wine Spirit Education and Trust) out of London. Theseprograms provide an avenue to become a Sommelier. There are various Sommelierlevels. A Sommelier, a Certified Sommelier, anAdvanced Sommelier and a Master Sommelier and there is also a Master of Wine.I’m offering an Intermediate Level for the WSET, this is a 16 hour program witha recommended (32 hours home study) and a 1 hour exam. You will also tastethrough 48 wines from 12 countries of Regions. At some point you may choose toapply for taking the Certified Sommelier Exam (hosted by the Court of Masters)or continue with your education for the Advance level and Master Level. I hopethis is of some help to all interested.” 

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  1. Hi Eve, as I told Claudia, whatever happens don't forget Goose Rule # 14: "Don't ever let knowledge get in the way of enjoyment!" Triple cheers …

  2. Peter! Thanks for reading and clarifying Goose Rule #14. Would love to have all of the Goose Rules if you care to share them! It would certainly add to my enjoyment!

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