Things I could make, but would rather watch Diego make:

Diego Lara, the mixologist/bartender that I met recently at Sake Bistro (no website at press time: 23889 Newhall Ranch Rd,Valencia, 91355, (661) 255-7253) made me some of these drinks.  Since I watched, and/or filmed, I get credit for “making” them too.

Now, I’d run his photo again (twice this month if I do and a divorce to boot) so instead I give you one of Sake Bistro:

Photo credit: Rodney H. from Yelp

C’est La Vie:
Svedka vodka, mint, muddled blackberries, topped with Sofia sparkling wine, served in a lowball (aka old fashioned) glass filled with ice.  No idea how much of each but the vodka pretty well filled up most of the space between the ice.  It was suggested, I tried it, very refreshing.

Diego’s Bomb:
Svedka vodka, pineapple and orange juices, lime, served in a tall shot glass.  He lined a dozen or so glasses up on the bar and made them all at once.  Fun to watch, funner to drink.

Mount Gay rum, soda, mint and lime, sugar on rim, served over ice in lowball glass.  Betting this came with Diego from his days at the now defunct Mojito’s restaurant.

Now, Diego told me some stories about the Original Martini and Original Singapore Sling that they are serving at Sake, but I’m hoping he will expand upon those recipes in our interview…

You’ll just have to Wait. For. It.


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