Chef 101 Humpday: Mushrooms, Garlic and Chicken, OH MY!

Family loved this but, right off the bat, things that went wrong for this chef 101er included: the bacon should have been COOKED first.  Eddie pulled it out of the casserole, and fried it up quick, just to get the flavors back into the dish = outstanding.  I added cheddar to the mozzarella for more flavor, used all of the melted garlic spread and 8 ounces of mushrooms.  I didn’t serve it with rice and asparagus, sorry Chef Steve, but I served it up over piping hot buttered noodles instead.

I paired it with a 09 Coteaux Du Languedoc Picpoul de Pinet.  The high acidity was perfect for cutting through all of this creamy goodness.  The full bottle post will be this Friday, April 15, on the blog.


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2 to 3 oz sliced mushrooms (any kind)
2 lbs boneless, skinless thighs or breasts
1 can Campbell’s Cream of Garlic Mushroom Soup
1 can Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 pound bacon
1/2 pound bag of mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup melted garlic butter spread
parsley (for color)

Mix both cans of soup together in a bowl until the colors mix together evenly. Pour roughly half of the soup mixture into the bottom of a large baking pan.Lay each piece of chicken across the pan in an even layer on top of the soup mixture.

Pour the remaining soup mixture over the top of the chicken to fully coat it.

Lay bacon strips across the chicken until the whole dish is covered in an even layer.

Spread mozzarella cheese across the top of the bacon to fully cover it.

Lay sliced mushrooms across the dish depending upon how much you like mushrooms.

Pour melted garlic butter spread across the dish coating as much as possible with the 1/2 cup. Don’t put much more on as it could become overpowering.

Sprinkle parsley over all, for color.

Bake at 375°F for 40-50 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink.

Serve with rice and asparagus.

Submitted by: Steven Kershaw

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