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Big news hit my inbox last week.  Rumors of All Corked Up wine club members being shuffled over to Vino 100…prompted a whirlwind of rumors on my Facebook page when I posted the news.  I contacted Lil Lepore, owner of Vino 100, and found out that…

…There was an e-mail notification sent out by All Corked Up on May 1 – followed by a second e-mail on May 10 – letting monthly wine club members know that they can continue getting monthly wine shipments with Vino 100 Valencia.

For those of you that don’t know: All Corked Up’s retail store is closing and they plan to be completely liquidated – after a fantastic sale – by July 1.  (Vino 100 is not absorbing any of their stock.)  From then on they will only own and operate the storage facility.  The front two bars, which has education classes, live music, a patio, dancing, events and a restaurant, known as “The Cellar”, will continue to be owned and operated by DiMaggio Washington.

Don’t know what a wine club is? It’s where you sign up to receive a specific allocation of wine, at specific times of the year, from a wine bar or winery.  Lots of people do it this way in the former case, as they don’t have the time to select their own wines.  In the latter case, it’s to get sought-after wines before they are sold out.

In both scenarios members can also be treated to special parties, tastings, events and pricing.

In this case, your credit card was not sent digitally, or any way, from All Corked Up to Vino 100.  All that was exchanged was your contact information.

In talking to Lil, I learned a wee bit more of what Vino 100 members receive.  One is the monthly member-only Black Bag Tasting event that is explained in depth below.  The other, which is quite unique, allows members more choices.

The club works like this: Lil chooses four bottles every month.  You come in to taste during the Black Bag event, or anytime you want to come in to pick up your wine (and, yes, shipping is always an option) and decide, based upon your own palate, which two of the four you want to purchase.

She is inviting all All Corked Up members just to meet them, see what they have to offer and make their own choice.

Black Bag Tasting Lil was kind enough to ask me to attend the members-only monthly wine tasting at Vino 100, to see for myself what they do.

Guests were greeted with appetizers – replenished often that night by wine representative Wendy Ora Roberts – a wine glass and a tasting sheet.  Lil circled the room, constantly filling, and offering refills, of the four wines we were to taste.

For their May meeting I was given a Bella Ragazza Pinot Grigio, Fisetta Barbera d’Alba, Marques de la Concordia Tempranillo and a Minassian–Young Grenache.  Our tasting sheet included notes about the wines as well as suggested pairings.

All of the wines were quite nice, each showing the varietal differences well.  I was betting that these wine club members gained quite an education in tasting and then selecting wines every month.

It was a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, as is always the case at Vino 100.  One wine club member, Randy Moberg, told me that he had been a member ever since they opened.  The fact that he could make his own choice, in a wine club, was the deciding factor for him.  And, after tasting the wines myself, I had to wonder how members could only walk away with two bottles.  I know I didn’t.

From the Vino 100 website:


Simple, fun and easy to participate in, our wine club gives you the power to choose your monthly selections at a members’ only event on the third Tuesday of every month.

As a distinguished member of our Black Bag Wine Club, each month you will have an opportunity to taste four wines and take home the two that you enjoy the most!

This is the only wine club that YOU choose your monthly selection ! Our mission is to  enliven, enhance and educate your palate each and every month by bringing you unique varietals, undiscovered wine regions, new producers and delicious wines.

Not only are you able to sample the wines before you take them home, but you will also be educated about the selections to fully appreciate their unique nature. Tasting notes are provided for each wine.

And there’s more… As a new member, you will also receive a two-bottle insulated tote bag ($35 value) as a gift to say thank you for joining our club. Bring this wonderful tote to every club tasting to  take home your monthly selections.


Out of town options?  The Black Bag Wine Club is also available to out of town customers. You choose your two wines and we ship them to you. You are responsible for shipping costs. Highridge Crossing Center, 28112 Newhall Ranch Road, Valencia, CA 91355, 661 294-6886

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