What Women Must Do Every Six Weeks

July 27, 2000:

“There are more long hairs on this floor around me than little pieces J-Wan!”  First of all I should explain that my hair stylist’s real name is Dawn Stringer but I recently changed her name because her new salon is named, “J Sisters, A Salon with A Twist.”  I figured the twist was that all of the stylist’s names had to start with the letter J.  I was mistaken and the salon owner, Julie Allen, couldn’t wait to tell me how much.
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“The twist is everything you see around you J-wEVE!”  So, bamboo pen in hand (two dozen of these funky pens nestled in what seemed to be a box made from freshly torn tree bark), I had no choice but to peruse this new salon to see the “twists” for myself.  Julie had taken quite the challenge in trusting me to convey the calming environment her decorating talents brought to J Sisters, but here goes nothing.

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  Or should I say here goes the old Eve of Destruction?

The first thing I noticed was the hand-painted sayings over each station.  The one I had hoped my stylist Dawn would “do my do” at read, “I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time…”, another asked their customers to “Be Brave”, while still another suggested that we “Harvest Happiness.”  Too cute.  These little dictums were divided by shabby-chic Parson’s chairs, silver toe pinching rings floating in raw white rice, sliced soaps and ceiling fans, butterfly bun/boulder holders nestled in glass bud vases, enormous soft cookies, (I’m told they serve tea, crackers and cheese in the afternoons) hand painted floors, a faux wall clock that would look great in my family room, leopard print smocks in “comfy” and “extra comfy” and a customer bathroom I can only describe as transcendental!  You’ll have to see it for yourself!  I couldn’t tell what items were for sale and which were there just to contribute to the unique atmosphere and ambiance.

One of Julie’s customers, Susan Shaddock of Newhall and Signal subscriber, actually said she felt one hundred and ten times better than she did before she came in.  Why?  Because there was no loud music; maybe a little swingy jazz tones greeted her, not a million other services competed in this tranquil space; only hair experts, customers could speak to each other freely; the sometimes-catty atmosphere of a salon was non-existent.  And, if that wasn’t enough, Susan was happy because the salon was successful in a center that had more customer-appealing leased businesses than empty storefronts.

As I was leaving Julie still wanted to make sure that I hadn’t missed a thing.  “There are iron benches located around the center for our customers that enjoy smoking!

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  And a foot massager for all of the staffers in our breakroom!”  I was just about to ask if she could haul that massaging puppy out right now for my sore little tootsies but then she had something somber to say.  Julie wanted Santa Clarita residents to think of her special salon as a place to hold charity events.  (She already contributes “Locks of Love” to cancer patients to help replace the hair lost during chemotherapy.
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)  After fourteen years doing hair in Santa Clarita, almost all of it in Newhall (She graduated from Saugus High under her pre-married name of Julie Allie.) she is now, as a new business owner, equipped to give something back to the community she’s loved since 1973.

I’ll be there nibbling on cheese and freshly brewed teas with the rest of her appreciative clientele in that endeavor.  Won’t you join us?  Maybe it will help me reduce stress by focusing outside of my own hair loss for awhile.