Napa Trip: Story in Photos

The photos below are from my recent Napa Valley wine trip.  I was tasked with finding wineries with great wines and great architecture…but these photos are mine so the only “architecture” might be my back end.  The magazine story should be online here:, more articles are also in the West Ranch Beacon here:

Castello di Amorosa tower, photo credit Ed Bushman

All Seasons warmed dark chocolate torte and Del Dotto Cab

Del Dotto "Salumi" cold storage, set just beyond clay pots.

Eddie at Chateau Montelena

Eve and Dave Del Dotto by Ed Bushman

Eve at Del Dotto, into caves with winemaker Gerard Zanzonico,

Eve, Suzanne Phifer Pavitt, Photo credit Ed Bushman

Hall Rutherford sculpture

Page 1 of 2 from Elite magazine story

Page 2 of 2 from Elite magazine story

Points, wine, Mondavi

Schramsberg cave tasting

Terra Valentine bottom of trees shaved for view, photo credit Ed Bushman


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