From Jessi-Jean Events: Two Easy Cocktail Recipes!

Here are two of our favorite recipes. The Red Velvet is perfect for a holiday drink with it’s color and who doesn’t love champagne?? The Grape Jubilee is always a conversation starter. Once you make one…. Then it’s done!

Red Velvet
3/4 oz. crème de noyaux or crème de cassis 
Iced Champagne
Pour the crème de noyaux into a tulip champagne glass and top with iced champagne. No garniture.

Grape Jubilee
1 small bunch of white grapes 
3 oz. cognac
Pierce each grape with a fork and place pierced bunch in bottom of shallow brandy or champagne glass. Pour cognac over grapes. Let stand for 5 or 10 minutes before serving.

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