Chef 101 Uses: Champagne Finishing Sauce by Williams Sonoma

I was making a meatless pasta dish for my daughter that was loaded with butter, cheese and cream.

  My husband must have meat, and I don’t do dairy any more.  So, we pulled out one of our stocking stuffers, a Champagne finishing sauce, to use over grilled chicken.

Alone it didn’t seem like enough, so Eddie sweated some veggies: sweet onion, celery and red bell pepper, to go along with it.  The sauce, over everything, added some tangy qualities as well as a richer depth.  All were happy.

From Williams Sonoma:

Our finishing sauces are prepared by slowly simmering wine with stock and spices to create rich, complex flavor. Simply heat the sauce and drizzle over prepared meats and vegetables to create elegant dinner-party fare or an impressive weeknight meal.

Champagne is a delicate French-inspired reduction made from Champagne, onions, garlic and thyme.

12 oz.

Made in USA.

A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.