Jon Taffer’s “Bar Rescue” Show Returns and “Raise The Bar” Book Soon to be Released

This October brings a 4th Season of SPIKE TV’s highest rated program “Bar Rescue,” (Sunday’s @ 9/8C) and a new book from Jon Taffer, the top-rated host known as the no-nonsense host of “Bar Rescue,” which gives failing nightlife establishments one last chance at success. Taffer is an internationally recognized, award-winning hospitality expert, highly respected management guru, author of the forthcoming ultimate guide to running a bar/restaurant/nightclub entitled RAISE THE BAR, and a esteemed tastemaker and go-to source for the newest trends in the food, beverage & nightlife industries. As host of “Bar Rescue,” he brings SPIKE TV to the top of the ratings rat race, besting shows in its time slot like the critically-acclaimed fan-favorite AMC’s “Mad Men.”

image001“BAR RESCUE” — (Season 4 Premiere – October 6th)
·         Serving as Host & Executive Producer, Taffer has led “Bar Rescue” to the highest demographic ratings in the network’s history with a larger female viewership than any network program. Taffer’s unrivaled expertise and oversize personality has been embraced by television audiences. Currently in its third season, with its fourth debuting on October 6th, SPIKE TV’s “Bar Rescue” spotlights Jon Taffer as he counsels struggling establishments on every aspect of their business – from creating a profitable drink/food menu, to music selection and managing crowds, to cost management and human resources.

RAISE THE BAR — (Book Release – October 8th)
·         As the world’s leading consultant and development advisor to major restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, Taffer has rolled his expertise into a forthcoming book, RAISE THE BAR: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions, set to publish on October 8th. Taffer reveals his secrets for running a successful hospitality business based on his renowned method of ‘Reaction Management,’ which is designed to create the most compelling customer experience in any venue, from the seediest dive bar to the hottest nightclub, saving literally thousands of bars and restaurants as proven weekly on his hit TV series “Bar Rescue.” RAISE THE BAR is the definitive manual on transforming a bar or restaurant with actionable, proven strategies for immediate impact.

With nearly three decades of hands-on experience, this New York native is a two-time winner of the Bar Operator of the Year award, one of only six inductees into the Nightclub Hall of Fame and the only recipient of the Legendary Leadership Award in the history of the industry, among a myriad of other honors. Founder and Chairman of Taffer Dynamics, a world-renowned hospitality consulting and business services firm, Taffer concurrently serves as president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group, which operates the Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas.