Will you drink this tonight…said the Scorpion to the Snake (originally posted NY Day 2011)

On an Internet search for “New Year’s Wine” I got a gander of snake and scorpion rice wines from Vietnam.  Dying, no, itching, no, wondering, has anyone had this before?

big-snake-wine-bottles-liquorSnake wine and Scorpion wine are Asian beverages that can be found in some Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos Cambodia, but also in Korea and Japan.

To prepare this incredible beverage a cobra snake or some scorpions are put into a bottle fulfilled with transparent rice wine liquor and some herbs are added before the drink is left to ferment for months.

The venomous cobra snake used to make Snake wine is preserved to have the snake poison dissolved in the rice wine, but because snake venoms are protein-based they are inactivated by the denaturing effects of ethanol, and no more dangerous, but this makes a healthy liquor with many health benefits.

Many types of snake drinks can be found all across Asia, but the most famous one and the only original one is the one found in Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, the famous Snake wine that you can only find online on our website.


Your New Year’s Eve party is coming and you still haven’t found this special beverage that you could bring to the December 31st party to impress your friends or family?  So here is a new drink to discover for the New Year, the famous Snake wine or Scorpion wine is available on our website.

Happy New Year with the most famous Asian liquor in the world, the Snake liquor available on AsianSnakeWine.com

10 thoughts on “Will you drink this tonight…said the Scorpion to the Snake (originally posted NY Day 2011)

  1. I actually tried the cobra wine on a Mekong River day trip from Ho Chi Minh City back in March. Has a little burn going down…though that's justthe rice wine in general I think. Still, definitely amazing when you see the snake in the jar that they pour from! We also just tried the Hirezake – Sake with a pufferfish fin in it!

  2. Hi Brett,

    Was there any fish flavor imparted in the wine from just the fin? (And, nice to see my little blog caught your eye!)

  3. Hi Eve,

    Yeah, there was definitely some fish taste evident in the wine, and also a smoky / charred flavor from the way the fin is cooked prior to immersing in the sake.

  4. Brett, And, you liked it? What did you pair it with? I believe I read about a salmon flavored Vodka recently, that also didn't really appeal to me, but I am curious.

  5. Old fashioned girl that I am, I prefer to stick with the traditional bubbly(s) on NYE – Dom, Veuve, etc. Happy New Year, Eve!

  6. Goddess: We had Sake, James Bond Martini (Hendricks, Ciroq & Lillet) and Champagne cocktails (The best one had a sugar cube, Angostura Bitters, Grand Marnier, Cognac and Champagne) made by friends. I paired it all with a Pepcid AC. Happy New Year back at ya and JD!

  7. Hi, sorry i found this post, and I already got the wine from buy-snake-wine.com but i am now looking for wine or liquor with tarantula or other creatures, do you know where to find ? Thanks a lot.

  8. Did a you tube on a very large spider infused liquor awhile back. There should be a photo for it, with a link, on the left side of this blog. You may have to scroll down to find it. Enjoy!

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