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This week I learned that a pal, and one of the most affable staffers at Roman Holiday Wine Lounge that I had met, Jeannie Wagner, had taken up with a like-minded wine gal, Jessi Preston and formed a new company geared to leading local wine tastings and holiday parties.  Of course, this deserved an interview:

l-r: Jeannie Wagner, Jessi Presten

Eve: Learning of your new venture via Facebook, I saw that you recently led a tasting with my Circle of Hope friends.  Tell us how you run a tasting…and…if you dare, how their Executive Director Ray Tippet did in the lesson.

Jessi-Jean: The Circle of Hope wine tasting, good times and Ray, oh crazy Ray!  I would have to say that Ray Tippet was a wine superstar. Would anyone expect anything else?

Wine tastings and wine education classes are super fun for me to plan as it is very important to me that they are enjoyed by all involved.  I love my wine and food magazines, so many of the tastings that will be done will be perhaps based on an article that I last read, or certain regions.  I pick the wines, do my research on each one, organize in the order I want them tasted, pair them with a variety of foods, then we set up and arrange the area to go with the tones of the wines that will be enjoyed.  I would have to say that Jessi and I run a wine tasting exactly the way we would want it run and then kick it up for even more fun!

Eve: Tell readers about you two.

Jessi-Jean: Jessi Presten is also a loan officer for Augusta Financial and is a fantastic and charismatic bartender.  Jeannie is a huge fan of wine, spirits and food.  We are great friends and both adore to have lots of people around.  Jessi was raised in Santa Clarita and Jeannie has lived out here for 25 years.  We have both really seen this place grow and with that have developed great friendships and a loyalty to our Santa Clarita.

Eve:  What kind of experiences do you bring to the wine-taste-from-home venue?

Jessi-Jean: Experiences, huh? Well we do enjoy our drink from home time, so why wouldn’t everyone?  We always want to personally meet with our client and see where we will be setting up for the tasting and/or party. We want to plan and prepare for a party by talking to our client and see what they have in mind.  We listen and ask questions, then prepare a menu for them individually.  There is never just a pre-plan way of doing these events, they have to be special each and every time. The day or two leading up to the event all our client should be worried about is what to wear.  Jessi-Jeans is busy doing all the prepping, shopping, and research to make every in home tasting event personalized so all the client will have to do is enjoy a good time surrounded by their friends and family.

Eve: Where did you get the idea to do these tastings?

Jessi-Jean: Actually Jeannie has been planning and doing a variety of parties and wine tastings for several years now.  It was recently that a friend asked me to arrange a party he wanted to have in his home.  After talking and planning together, Jessi-Jeans came to be.  After all, who knows how to party better than the two of us?  Every time we sit down together we come up with more and more unique party ideas.  Even as we speak we are working on a cigar and whiskey event, with cigar rollers there making beautiful cigars as well as ready to enjoy cigars, all while pairing them with some fine whiskey.  A party, event, wine tasting, etc. with Jessi-Jeans will be a great experience to remember always!

Eve: You must have some boozy stories to share with readers.  Can we have a PG rated one?

Jessi-Jean: Oh Eve, you love those “boozy” stories.  Well there was this one time…but you don’t want to hear about that.

Eve: We are doing a video soon.  May even be live when this runs (link).  I was shameless as I knew you two were uber-attractive.  Tell readers why charm and good looks matter…assuming that you think it does.  I know, when it comes to entertaining and commanding a room, it does!

Jessi-Jean: Well first let us say thank you, now onto your question or statement about looks and charm.  These things do matter, and in a big way.  All of us love to go to a restaurant, bar, wine tasting room.  When we walk in we want to be greeted with a smile by someone that is happy to see us.  The charm and personality encourages everyone to stay and really have a good time.  When clients are enjoying themselves be a guest at their own event, then that is the best feeling.

From Facebook:

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