Messages for Peter, aka The Goose, Are STILL Coming In

After I posted a letter from Peter Goossens Founder of the Loose Goose (see post just below this one) I started receiving messages from Dear Wine Friends. Not everyone has a Yahoo account to comment on my blog. If you would like to add to this post you can e-mail me any time at
New Messages 4-11-09:
I feel very sorry about Peter. He was a great friend to all and such a pied piper! How does one person completely charm an entire city council, a school district, dept of parks, empty studios and the SCV Jaycees and make them envision a beautiful festival dedicated to wine? How does that person enlist over 150 volunteers to work for the love of the wine and not be even able to take a sip until the end of the night? He did something!! I wish him well and will always love that he brought so many like-minded people together. He’s Peter pan! Jeannie C.

My husband and I have been to the Goose events for three years. So sad to see a business with so much support go the way of this ‘perfect storm’ we are all living. Karena T.

I’m terribly sad! Not only was this great for SCV, but it was across the street from my home. What a ‘claim to fame’! Just too bad… each year produced a larger turn out and better vineyards. The Goose will definately be missed!!!! 🙂 Erin H.

And this link that was sent to me by the author, Mike Henn, really says it all:

From our flock so far 4-10-09:

It’s a sad day for our wine community in Santa Clarita and for any wine lover when you see a fellow wine lovers business fail. I didn’t know him but knew what he did for the wine lovers here and that is what prompted me to send out the mail. The wine flag is at half staff today. :((( Steve L.

I admire Peter for what he has done for the wine community and for the city of SC. He put us on the map of the wine Wine World, Period. Too bad he didn’t get the much needed support form the city to keep this going. It’s sad to see the Loose Goose go, but as I know Peter, he already has new plans and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. We should honor him at our next ‘get together’! Roman W.

Here, here…toast to the Goose and much success for his passion of wine in the future. Jenny L.

Hi Eve, Well, I must say that Peter’s special blend has pretty much kept me together. Had I known how rare it was, I might have spaced it out a little better and wouldn’t be down to my last bottle—nah! I’m truly sorry for Peter’s loss and for his staff. What a great group of people. His web site seems to be turned off, so if you know his email, could you please pass on my condolences and wishes for better days for all of us in the future. I thought wine, tobacco and anti-aging products were all supposed to thrive in this down economy!! What are we to do???
Martha S.

Dear Eve, sorry to hear about Peter! He was asset to our wine community. John K.