Sunday’s Wine Recipe: Eddie Makes Chicken Marsala

Chicken breast (one per member+)
Mushrooms (8 oz)
Butter (1 cube)
Garlic (4 toes crushed)
Parmesan Cheese (10 cup)
Red Wine (1/2 to most of the bottle)
Corn starch (2 tablespoons)

Melt butter with garlic, de-bone chicken and hammer (tenderize), slice, and coat with cheese. Cook chicken breasts until brown. Remove from heat, add mushrooms, sauté three minutes, adding corn starch, water (as needed) and red wine. Serve with rice or fettuccini.

All recipes serve small to large fire stations/households. Countless calories, fat and carbohydrates. Good for energy needed to fight fires and/or reclining in front of the TV after playing cards for who does the dishes.

Ed’s Wines: “The theory is to cook with the same wine that you’re drinking but I never do. Don’t spend more than $15 on a wine you plan on just cooking with.” I don’t usually argue with the cook but my husband is known from time to time to toss his own coveted wine, from his glass, into a dish just to keep the guests entertained. Red Wine – use White Zinfandel as Marsala Wine can be too sweet for Chicken. White Wine – Fume Blanc which is a little lighter than a chardonnay for Clam and Shrimp meals.