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In the last few weeks I’ve received several invitations, from firefighters to public relation mavens, to drink single malt Scotch via Macallan’s new website: www.celebratethemacallan.com

You are challenged to go to their website, thrilled that they don’t have that obligatory “I can add and am over 21” box to check, and enter the site. Oooooooh. But once in – it changes more.

(And the change isn’t blue Scotch as shown here. This is a new thing for my blog since I went Mac-intosh…need a Geek Squader to come to my house!)

Okay, so then you are asked for your zip code. They search the giant Macallan website to “celebrate with friends and guests” at a 5 dram tasting near you. We just missed one that happened on 11-6 at Vibiana Restaurant in Los Angeles – and for ONLY A $5 CHARGE THAT GOES TO CHARITY.

If you missed this date like me too, you are prompted to put in your information to be notified for others.

I e-mailed them and asked for more info and got this:

Celebrate The Macallan events have been a successful way to reach a new audience of Scotch drinkers, who have not yet invested in learning about Single Malt Scotch but are curious about the category – especially as it continues to grow among a younger (LDA +), edgier, more in-the-know audience.

To address this group, The Macallan Brand Ambassador (Eden Algie on the West Coast and Graeme Russell on the East Coast) leads a discussion about what makes The Macallan Single Malt so unique and special. He talks about the history and background of the brand, the various collections from The Macallan including the Sherry Oak, Fine Oak, Fine & Rare, Rankin and Lalique expressions and guides guests through nosings and tastings of a selection of The Macallan single malts.

The evening ends with a dram of The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 – which is the cornerstone of The Macallan distillery and the single malt against which all others are judged. So far, the Brand Ambassadors have conducted the events in 7 cities and will be visiting another 4 before the end of the year. Request an invite at www.celebratethemacallan.com

I then asked what a Macallan Brand Ambassador is – a Rep or a Scotch expert?

No, it’s completely separate from a brand ambassador. They are not in charge of sales per say, but act more as the “face” of the brand; they are both from Scotland and passionate about Scotch, and know everything there is to know about The Macallan – from the history, to the tasting notes, to who in the family would like each expression best.

They’ll host a lot of events, either large scale or intimate, where they are able to meet a lot of people who are also passionate about The Macallan, single malt Scotch, and also like-minded brands, whether it be fashion, cars, watches, golf courses, etc. They are also the people who are interviewed by the press as they are extremely personable and have a ton of knowledge to share.

I like the idea! But, what I want to do is pick a date and time when the other bazillion cities can drink the same Scotch lineup at the same time. A virtual meet-up with our link to drink. Then, of course, a live chat about it…seeing how our descriptors become increasingly more “gifted” as we progress.

Who’s in with me? I mean, what if we missed THE ONLY ONE? (To be honest, I think I’ve had all of these Macallan selections before, but, as your personal blogger, feel impelled to check it out!)

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