Valentines Day: Sequoia Grove Winery’s Chocolate Decadence Package

The package includes a bottle of the winery’s iconic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a bottle of Cabernet Chocolate Sauce, a jar of Merlot Chocolate Fudge and a copy of “The Little Book of Chocolates.” You can spend the night in the comfort of your home drinking the Bordeaux-style cabernet and taking in the rich smell of warm chocolate permeating your home. Enjoy the chocolate sauce and fudge with various treats, or drizzle some directly on to your sweetie to spice things up. This couldn’t have made Cupid’s job any easier.

Besides creating a fun and wallet-friendly date activity, the package itself is an extraordinary value. The package costs just $50, which is about half the price of the contents if purchased separately. Consumers nationwide will be able to buy the package directly from

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