News for, and from, Maryland Wine Shipping Advocates

The Baltimore Sun yesterday ran an article entitled “Sen. Conway rules out end to wine-shipment ban” in which the Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs committee chair said that wine shipping, “is not going anywhere” this year even though six of her nine committee colleagues are co-sponsors as are a majority of her House and Senate colleagues.

Does this strike you as how representative democracy is supposed to work?  If you disagree, contact your legislator and tell them to urge leadership to bring this bill up for a vote.  Here’s where you can find them:  Writing and emailing your delegates and senators has gotten us this far – now it’s time for them to send a message to their leadership that enough is enough.  We agree with the Sun’s opinion in today’s paper entitled “Thwarting public opinion over wine law would be serious mistake.”

May 2010 (still) be our vintage!

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