Random Wine Musings from Eve

I’ve got a post coming.  Really.  All about my day at Family Winemakers.  Already written.  But because you people come here on Friday more than any other day that’s when it’s scheduled to run.  But I can’t wait until then to blow my wine wad.

So far this week:
I was at Wine 661 last night with my pal Doug Gould.  He’s a wino from way back.  Runs a tasting group on Meet Up and I highlighted the MURAL they made during their last tasting on Top O’ The Blog a couple of week’s ago.  Doug always has several entrepreneurial plans in the works, one more exciting than the next.  The wine never slows him down, he’s amazing.

While at Wine 661 Doug picked out a Pinot Noir for us: Domaine Droughin.  Tanya Green, the owner, did something that I’d never seen done before.  After she poured a little for Doug to taste she swirled it herself before handing it to him.  She explained why she swirled, but the fact that she did it for him reminded me of the excellent service I always see when there.

The wine was great, at first taste and 10 minutes later, we didn’t pair it with anything but our conversation, and at less than $50 I know I’ll have it again.

Next up.  Last week at the gynormous Family Winemakers tasting event I met many people.  At one table, and I admit now that I didn’t note the wine on my program as something I even tried, I was asked for my card.  I am now looking at three J Vineyards & Winery Pinot Noirs (disclosure: they were a gift) sent by their Public Relations Director George Rose.  When I couldn’t find any Wine Spectator ratings George led me to Wine Enthusiast for enthusiastic ratings hovering around 90 points.  (One from a Facebook friend, that I almost met at Cambria Pinot Noir tasting, was Steve Heimoff.)

I’m looking forward to cracking one of these open tomorrow night when Chef Eddie is home to make me Filet Mignon with a Pinot reduction sauce!

Lastly.  I heard on the radio this morning that Sheryl Crow will be on Cougar Town tonight.  I don’t watch TV.  And I hate the whole woman as cougar thing.  But Crow is playing a wine-rep-cougar.  Not on yet until later but I did find this clip of the show, and how silly they are about wine…I hope Crow’s character leaves it that way:

And, one more cougar + wine will end my random wine musings tonight.  Still not me but I was plenty uncomfortable watching her “turn” 50: