Beer vs. Wine: COC Culinary Arts Program Fundraiser is TODAY

This week I have an interview with College of the Canyons Culinary Arts instructor, Cindy Schwanke, about the recent loss of their Town Center Drive kitchen location and upcoming Wine vs. Beer fundraiser:
1.  As the instructor of the COC Culinary Arts Program please explain to Beacon readers what happened with the lease for the Town Center Drive location?
We were on a short-term lease at Town Center Drive, we were hoping to get it extended but to no avail.
2.  I’ve been told that the Culinary Arts Program is one of the highest attended for the college.  Where will students do their cooking now?
We are currently looking for a new facility to accommodate our growing culinary program.
3.  Does the program, say, over just having work experience, benefit students seeking jobs in the hospitality field?
We do have a Hotel/Restaurant Management program available on campus. Our program specializes in students who want to work in the kitchen or want a good culinary base to pursue other careers involving food. Food and hospitality go hand in hand.
4.  There is an upcoming fundraiser on 3/28 for the COC Culinary Arts Program pitting beer against wine.  Please use the remainder of this interview to tell us all about the event and where we can obtain tickets: 
Our Beer vs. Wine event will be the first of it’s kind in the SCV. The money raised goes directly to the program.  We have master Beer Cicerones Ryan Sweeney and Nate Sellergrean, as well as Master Sommelier Elizabeth Schweitzer who will pair food prepared by our students in a culinary contention.
People will be able to vote which beverage they preferred with the tasting of food, the beer or the wine. It will be delicious, educational and fun. Cost is $55.00 per person/$100.00 per couple. Time 2pm-5pm. Tickets are available online on the college website. or go to the College of the Canyons website, click on foundation on the left hand side of the page, click on donate and fill in the required info… under donation info enter Beer vs. Wine. Or call the Foundation office directly 661-362-3434.
(From Eve: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago for the West Ranch Beacon but I wanted to give it a little more advertising here.)