Sake Adviser Certificate in Four Parts (Tuesdays)

(Love Sake.  Interviewed one Sake Sommelier in my life so far.  The idea of doing something like this is so cool to me. I just have one question: Do they accept scholarships?)

The Sake Service Institute is Japan’s largest accredited non-profit organization focusing on both Sake research and the education of food & wine enthusiasts in regards to Sake. It offers various seminars and events and oversees certifications for Sake Sommelier, Sake Adviser, Shochu Adviser, and other higher qualifications.

This Sake Adviser Course is an entry-level qualification in Sake offered by SSI Certified Sake Instructors (Nihonshugaku-koshi) worldwide and certified by the SSI in Japan. The course gives a basic grounding in sake history, production, styles, regionality, understanding labels, serving, storing, and sake culture. Sake from different regions and styles will be tasted during the course. 

The class consists of 8 hours of instruction and tasting along with the test on the final evening. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an SSI Sake Adviser Certificate. 

Our Instructor Toshio Ueno is a Japanese-born Sake Educator who holds the Master of Sake Sommelier and Shochu Adviser certificates from SSI, as well as the Sake Specialist certificate from the Sake Education Council in Japan organized by John Gauntner. He currently is the manager of Business Development for Mutual Trading Co. a Japanese Food and Sake importer/distributor in Los Angeles.

May 11, 18, 25 and June 8, 6:30PM, $475.00. Wine House 
2311 Cotner Avenue
, Los Angeles, CA 90064-1877 
Phone: 310-479-3731 or 800-626-9463