Chateau Pacific Results = Gary’s team on a roll

Dream Team,

Here is the rather late tally (destruction) that occurred last evening:  FYI, I think a few people returned late last night or early this morning because I was hearing table dancing to “Devil With The Blue Dress On” until about  3:30 this morning.

Bottled 51 cases of wine: Sangiovese, Merlot, Tempranillo.

A very Special Thanks to Michael Bowe for his beer tasting presentation.  Like I said before “It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine”.


About a million meat balls =YEA Georgene
2 1/2 lbs cheese
1 lb herring
36 stuffed Jalapeno peppers
6 cases beer= Michael Bowe/Angel City Brewery way to go.  (stay tuned for report on the new Angel City location TBA.)

A few glasses of wine “from the spout”.

6 lbs burrata = Gioia Cheese Co. S. El Monte

Dozens of Grace’s incredible Avocado Spring Rolls = kudos

62 German sausages
2 gallons spaetzle
3 lbs sauerkraut
5 lbs German potato salad

5 bottles champagne
4 Double Magnums “house red”(16 standard bottles)
5 bottles red wine
6 bottles white wine
A  little Grand Marnier

60 slices Apple Surprise with ice cream = Georgene did it again.
1  Pineapple cake = Mary gets full credit for the birthday cake.
1 Pear pie = Why has Mary been missing from these bottlings?
2 doz. mini Red Velvet cupcakes = Thanks Brett.

George went out for a BOX of coffer for us late people. WOW can George party at 80. My Hero.

8 Cohiba Esplandidos.

Good News: No cameras in the garage disposal,
                         All virgins survived.
Bad News:  There beautiful Angel City Brewery jacket I found in the winery lab is WAY TOO SMALL for me.

Love you all.
Many thanks.


P.S.  If anyone has e-mails for Chris and Bill, Ralphie, Mary (Dewey’s Mary), Dave (Michelle’s Dave), Mary (Eve’s Mary), Anna,  please forward them to me so I can get this note to them.  They deserve some of the blame too.