Margarita with Wine Float

Courtesy Sandra Revie Van Dyne for Recipe Sunday: 

 Hi! I thought I would share this with you. Have you ever? It is soyummy! My sister had one of these in Texas, a ‘wine-arita’; she makes ahomemade secret recipe margarita and pours a wine floater. I didn’t mixit so I got the tangy margarita followed by the cabernet.

crushed ice in a glass
1 packet splenda (Use 2 if like less tart)
1.5 oz. tequila (
1.5 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
1 T triple sec (patron citronge preferred)
1 oz grand marnier
Stir well; drink down a bit; float red wine on top; enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Margarita with Wine Float

  1. Intriguing! Though, I am not an artificial sweetener user… I say NO to chemicals 🙂 I would also suggest using agave syrup to sweeten it, should you like!

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