Eve Works the Wine Bar for Charity: This time She Is The Charity

Local Tip: Eve works alongside her Guru Guy LeLarge at Valencia Wine Company 7/12 from 6-10pm.  What will she do?  Who knows?  But, it shall involve wine and most likely, a little craziness. Valencia Wine Company: 661-254-9300

At press time I know one thing for sure: I will work on July 12.  I will work for money. Your money.  And Guy’s money, yes, definitely money will be exchanged.

But beyond that?  Who the heck knows?  These are my ideas that I’ve presented in great length to Guy:

1.  We picked Monday July 12 because I heard that Guy had to work the wine bar all by himself that night.  Neither one of us knows how to use the Panini machine.  And, even though he denies it, neither one of us knows exactly what cheese goes where on the cheese plate.  Then I had a brainstorm that pal Larry reinforced to Guy and Robert made up this catchy title for:

Pickles and Pairings
You bring the food you want to eat and we’ll pair it with wine.
No silverware
Napkins used at will
We won’t charge for “unwrappage” but only for the wine we pair
with your Salt Creek Sliders, Bucca’s Garlic Bread,
Quarter pounder with cheese, Macho Burrito,
or whatever.
Because we don’t want to cook.
2.  Then I also suggested a Rosé night to explain why a Rosé is not a White Zinfandel (to my peeps) and why we like the French ones better (Guy’s peeps).
3.  Lastly I thought a Sparkling vs. Champagne tasting would be fun as I know one thing else about that night: it will be scorching hot and it will take a lot of wine to cool me off.  
Nothing better than spending an evening in a wine bar that’s “room temperature”.  It’s suitable for wine, and, for a wine 101er on a roll.
Thoughts?  Keep them to yourselves.  I’ve run out of creative juices at the moment.  But I look forward to opening plenty of bottles, with my trusty Screwpull corkscrew while Guy uses that sharp two pronged gizmo.  
The only question left is, not will you come, but who will serve you?  And, of course, good friggin’ luck.  (Wear dark clothes -red wine stains don’t show that way.  Because, I don’t always just spill on myself…)