Gala Chicken Curry for your Chef 101 Humpday!

Apparently a Gala apple (Named after the Russian exchange student that dared to live with us over 10 years ago and a “recipe” for disaster in itself?) is the same thing as a cooking apple.  Go figure.

All I knew is that the recipe looked simple enough for me to tackle:

(And when I saved the photo it I swear it was in the right direction!)

But I did have trouble peeling the apple after coring, got it right the second time…

Of course I didn’t notice the “cooked” chickeninstructions until five minutes before I was due to throw it all in thepot, but Eddie came to my rescue and quickly tossed curry spices intosome boiling water to do it for me lickity split!

Then it all went into the pot, the cooked chicken,apple, onion, bell pepper, spices – we did switch to curry seasoninginstead of straight curry lest it might be too spicy for the wholefamily – and then, in true Eve form, I notice that I had to get lemonrind in there.  I yanked out a grater (Eddie handed me two more graters to try for whatever reason.)and of course, I “got ‘er done” with only a minimal amount of bleeding problems.

It was so yummy, my mom took the leftovers home with her.

To see the information on the Sauvignon Blanc I paired with this -see the full bottle review I did on 9/17/10.