Time for the LA…No…Make that the SCV…Wine Fest!

Try and keep up Santa Claritans.  In a little over three months there will be a new fest intown.  Nope, it’s not the Classicor a Goose flying through – although they would both be more than welcome –we’re getting our first SCV Wine Fest from the man that has been orchestratingthe LA Wine Festfor five years, Dr. Joel M. Fisher. 
And it all started because Fisher knew, via this wine tattletale,that we needed/wanted/missed our fests lately.  He made me very happy when he said, “I don’t intend to goaway.”
Fished continued, “Remember I talked to some of the earlierbirds on the scene on working with them.”  Fisher, in fact, attendedthe Loose Goose and the All Corked Up Fest a few years back and has continuedto visit the SCV wine world as a guest lecturer in some of DiMaggioWashington’s wine classes at COC.
Fisher, a published author, wine educator and event planner,is usually rooted to LA.  But forthe past few weeks he’s been up to our ‘hood just to get to know the folks thatkeep inviting him here for meetings in the city’s tourism office and makingtrips to “The Embassy” (What the Embassy Suites will be known as from now ownfor hosting this event.)
I sat down recently with his Director of Sales, DouglasGould and Executive Director, Gary Choppe’ to talk about the event. Locals knowGary Choppe’ as he owns Choppe’ Advertising Group and managed the ACU Festivallast year.  And Doug Gould bringsan international sales and marketing expertise with a focus on Hospitality andWine events.
“The Embassy was a natural choice,” said Choppe.  “As it’s close enough to the 126 and 5freeways to accommodate the guests that normally come to our fests from outsideof Santa Clarita.”
So, let me tell you what you can expect.  I’ve been to Fisher’s LA Wine Fest forthe past few years and am continually amazed at the array of talent – yes,talent – that is honored to pour for him.
From Sake Sommeliers to Scotch Sommeliers.  From home wine makers in ManhattanBeach to Napa Wineries.  GourmetCheese to Gourmet Grilled Cheese trucks. 
Our event is scheduled for the afternoon on SaturdayFebruary 12, 2011 –  and includesaccess to a VIP room for the first 125 guests that sign up –  located at TheEmbassy (Suites) located at 28508 Westinghouse Place, Valencia,91355.
So for now dear reader, go to www.SCVWineFest.com and be one ofthe first 100 to snatch up a ticket at an early birdie price of $30.  Fisher will announce the next price,yes it will go up in increments as we get closer to the event, in anothercouple of weeks.
And consider my idea: Buy tickets for holiday gift-giving now!  Stocking stuffers, early Valentines present, whatever, I’mtelling you this is the E-Ticket for winos here and beyond.
And look for me! I’ll be there as your Honorary Wine Conduit, or some-such-nonsense.  Because, gee, I don’t think I could beany more passionate about our newest FEST!
(I originally ran this in the WestRanchBeacon.com on 11/5, but wanted to run it here so I don’t miss a single wine peep!)