Chef 101: Pre-Made Sauce

Okay, I simply can’t keep up trying a new recipe every week for two reasons: 1. I’m lazy and 2. My family likes some the new recipes that I’ve made so far and they just want repeats!  So today I give you:

 Indian food via a jar!        
This is what is happening: We are remodeling the kitchen.  With that is the great cabinet-clean-out, and at the same time came the holiday and the great stocking-stuffer-additions. So this sauce, pictured above, is from last year’s Christmas stocking!  This year I got pre-made Beef Stew simmering sauce.  (Both are from Williams Sonoma and retail for about $12 each.)
All I had to do for this was steam a little rice, boil some chicken, and then simmer the boiled chicken in the jarred sauce for 20-30 minutes and I had a meal fit for…myself.
I don’t know anyone that cooks this way.  Even crock pot recipes, that call for frozen vegetables, or dry soups you add a ham bone too, have a little more substance.  Not much, but some.

So I believe the moral of this Cooking 101 lesson is if it comes from a jar or a bag, freeze-dried or pre-cooked, it will taste like it, so why bother?  That’s what fast-food drive-through dining is for, right?
But if you’ve made something like this, that you thought was remarkable, let me know, as, I’m still intrinsically lazy.